Welcome to our new auto travel Drive Smart pages. The idea is that when you hire a car from auto travel we give you some advices which contain all the need-to-know rules of the road for the country you are visiting. The information is also available online so you can refer to it at any time. We include useful advice such as the accepted alcohol limits for each country, the speed limits and emergency contacts. We know that driving in a new country for the first time can be daunting, especially if it is on the -wrong- side of the road. This is our attempt to make life easier for you.
Having a car is the best way of seeing Crete so take a minute to read these helpful tips. Remember that you are likely to get the best prices and the best cars by booking in advance.

  • Driving is on the right and you may not overtake on the right on highways. Even though many people ouse the left white line (emergency line) for driving – it is forbidden.Only very few people use emergency triangles so please do not always expect the accident or break down space safely indicated.
  • You should always carry the rental agreement with you .as Paper for the police. On this rental agreement you
    have the emergency number of our auto travel emergency station . Please call them immediatly the will give you further
    instructions of how to behaive and what to do next.
  • You have to carry your driving license alway with you . Always have your licence to hand. If it is written in a language with an alphabet other than Roman then you may need to apply for an international licence. Otherwise your normal
  • licence will do. Take a photo identification card with you if you driving licence does not have a photo.
  • Villages 50 km
    Open Road 90-100 km
    Be carefull there are many places with Speed limit 50 where you think you could drive a lot faster. Many local people do not care about the speed limit but be carefull the fines are very high( up to 960 Euros plus the points you will get in Greece will be tranfered to your homeland from 2011.
  • Drink driving is heavily penalized and only 0.25 milligrams of alcohol per litre of blood is permitted. That is a blood alcohol limit of 0.08%. Breath tests are carried out randomly.Police road blocks are fairly common, especially on certain stretches of the NationalRoad, and the ‘traffic’ police can stop any car they choose, without reason. The fact that many locals take little notice of this law does not mean that they don’t getfined (while putting their lives at risk) for not following the rules if they get stopped by the police. Be warned!  Fines are steep – 700 euros. That’s a whole month’s wages in  Crete based on a low-average income.
  • At all of our auto travel stations as well as at the airports of Iraklio and Chania  you can rent GPS now .THe costs are according to your renting days.
    Our warning : do not concentrate to much on the GPS , -many accidents the last years happened because of drivers watching the GPS and not the road.
    – sometimes the GPs advices to turn  but in reality there is no possibility because of one way roads or roads under construction.
  • Use a Babyseat or booster for your child – the fact that you are on holidays or that many others dont
    should not your aim to protect your child and drive as safe as possible!
  • It is mandatory to wear seatbelts. The Greeks require the driver and front seat and back seat passengers to wear seat fitted belts. Children must wear seat belts at all times. Children under the age of 12 cannot travel in the front passenger seat unless they use a special child restraint.

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