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Tours / Excursions

You will realise that Crete is (apart from beach holiday) ideal for tours and excursions, . Whether you want to do geologic, palaeontology or botanical excursions, whether planning hikes through Crete’s incomparable nature and landscape or whether you want to go off road with a 4 x 4 to explore island and archaeological sites – Crete has to offer a great deal. In most travel guides about Crete (as well as in the internet) you will find lots of suggestions for excursions and many travel organisations offer guided tours. For those looking for individual tours and who do not want to follow the crowd will find here leaflets with corresponding information’s. Detailed directions aimed with primary information about the tour route and its attractions, in short and limited to the essentials are contained. In advance the leaflets provide (off road) tours-, hike- and field trip reports that are not in any travel guide and thus give the ability to visit objectives, far from the mass tourism, showing the unadulterated Crete.
A little adventure is also given.

Portable Satellite Navigation System

At all car hire car rental Stations Portable Satellite Navigation systems (mostly Tom Tom) are available for rental with Auto travel vehicles. The units are supplied with cradles to fix to the windscreen of the vehicle and charging units for the batteries. The units are available at all locations

Baby / Booster Seats

Auto travel car hire- car rental Crete :can provide child restraints/booster seats for any vehicle in its fleet at a cost of A € 2per day and a maximum of A€20 for the period of hire per child restraint/booster seat. Auto travel staff may provide assistance, however the customer is responsible for the fitting of the seat and child. Child restraints are compulsory when transporting infants and young children by motor vehicle on Greek roads.

All Auto travel vehicles are fitted with child restraint anchor points. Auto travel offers 2 types of child seats for hire: child restraints and child booster seats. Each type is available at Auto travel locations in limited supply. We recommend child seats are pre-booked to avoid disappointment. Auto travel offers a child booster seat which is a molded child seat and height booster; it is not a child restraint. It elevates the height of a child to enable the alignment of the sash of a lap sash seat belt across the child’s shoulder and is recommended for children of 5 to 9 years of age.

Auto travel offers a child restraint which is the reversible type. When fitted in the reverse position it is suitablfor newborn to 6-month old babies with the baby facing the rear of the vehicle. When fitted in the upright position the child restraint is recommended for infants of 6 months to 5 years of age with the infant and restraint facing forward

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Mission Statement
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